Banana peel – suggested treatment for what ails you


Growing up, the “fresh” winter fruits in the house were apples, oranges, the despised grapefruit, and the beloved banana.

It was a treat to have perfectly yellow bananas with no black spots on the skin and no porridge inside. In my young ignorance of the farming process, I thought that downtown Safeway must have an interesting growth of bananas behind the swinging warehouse doors.

One of my favorite treats during a meal was banana salad. Mom peeled the bananas, cut them in half lengthwise, and lay two slices on a bed of lettuce on each plate. She would then put a spoonful of her homemade dressing on each slice and cover it with tiny chunks of walnuts and cashews. It was a popular appetizer for the meat and potato meal she had planned. And some days when she was particularly busy, she would add an extra slice of banana to make it look like the portion was bigger and that would be the meal.

I don’t think I’ve served this banana salad to Housemate before. I’m sure he would like it, if only restrictive diets were allowed.

In addition to banana bread with cherries and peels, banana muffins with chocolate chips, banana smoothies or banana cake with brown sugar icing, the Monkey Tail booth at the fair was the perfect place to stop. The bananas were peeled and cut in half crosswise, a stick was inserted, the bananas were then dipped in hot chocolate syrup and rolled in nuts. In the freezer they went and after some time to freeze came the frozen banana feast. I liked them so much that even a little thawed porridge didn’t hurt the summer treat.

Then the other day a friend sent me a list of important ideas that she thought I just needed to know. For example, if you run bacon under cold water, the shrinkage will be reduced by up to 50%. Good to know. Also educational, the idea of ​​extending the life of a bouquet of flowers by adding 7Up to the water. I wonder if the Ginger Ale or the Sprite would have the same result?

But it was the banana information that caught my eye. We all mumbled about those stringy little things that must be plucked from the fruit before we eat. But if you peel the banana from the bottom, the problem will supposedly go away.

Eating a banana, according to reports, will help relieve an upset stomach. Hmmm!

But the most interesting information – holding a banana peel over a bruise for 10-30 minutes will remove the black and blue color from the bruise.
Someone we know could benefit from this remedy. She has a few bruises from a recent fall and being a good friend, I offered to buy her some bananas so that she could test the theory. She rejected my best intentions and so the bananas will stay in the store and her bruises will probably take on several colors before disappearing completely.

While the peels were healing her wounds, she could have used the fruit portion to make me my favorite childhood salad, or even a homemade monkey tail. None of those goodies came when she refused my well-meaning treatment.

Now, whenever I see someone with a bruise, maybe I should just give Monkey Business a few suggestions. And I still laugh when I think of our acquaintance lying on the sofa, her face covered in banana peels. Another Kodak moment missed. Shame.

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