ATK Solution Can Make You Blind, Thailand Fact-Checking Center Confirms

ATK test solution should NOT be used as eye drops. That’s according to a warning that Thai netizens are circulating, claiming that a harmful chemical compound called sodium azide found in ATK test kits could blind people’s eyes. Thailand’s Anti-Fake News Center, in conjunction with the Department of Medical Sciences, investigated the allegation and confirmed its accuracy.

The Department of Medical Sciences shared that sodium azide is actually included in tubes of lysis buffer, which is used to open cells to analyze them for traces of Covid-19 RNA. But if misused, the chemical solution can also cause blind eyes or itchy skin. Additionally, the solution could be fatal if consumed, depending on the amount. If it accidentally gets on your skin or eyes, the department suggests washing it off with clean water and seeking medical attention if irritation persists.

This is not the first time that the Anti-Fake News Center of Thailand has taken up baseless social claims regarding Covid-19 and standard testing procedures. Last month, the center debunked a report doing the rounds on social media that a deep nasal swab could damage your olfactory nerve and render your sniffer useless.

According to the false report, the olfactory nerve is one of two pathways through the skull, connecting the nasal passage and the brain, through which bacteria and viruses can cross the blood-brain barrier. He argued that damage to the olfactory nerve could therefore affect your health and lifespan, Thai PBS reported. The Department of Medical Services has discovered that although a deep nasal swab can in fact touch the sensory nerve in the nose, it cannot damage it. There is also no evidence to suggest that a deep swab could cause you to lose your sense of smell.

The Anti-Fake News Center of Thailand added that residents can find additional useful information from the Department of Medical Sciences through their website and request more information by calling 02 9510000 .

SOURCE: Khaosod | Anti-Fake News Center Thailand | Thai PBS

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