Apple AR glasses lenses can fit the wearer’s eye prescription

Wow, glasses that automatically adjust so everything you look at is in focus.
Illustration: apple

Apple is preparing for a future where you put on a pair of glasses and they automatically fit your eyes. He received a patent on Tuesday for a system to manage this process. Self-adjusting lenses are likely intended for the augmented reality glasses that Apple is rumored to be working on.

This could be the end of going to the ophthalmologist to get a prescription for lenses. The glasses will take care of that.

Apple AR glasses could have “tunable” lenses

Apple was granted a patent on Tuesday for Tunable and foveolate lens systems (# 11,221,488) by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The filing of a patent is technical, to say the least. But it starts with a pair of adjustable-lens glasses. “Adjustable lenses may include an adjustable foveolate liquid crystal lens stacked with an adjustable lens without liquid crystals such as a liquid-filled lens or an Alvarez lens,” the abstract section states.

The offered glasses will collect data on the wearer’s eyes and then adjust the optical power of the lens based on that data. The glasses will continue to monitor the wearer’s eyes to ensure that the lenses are using the correct optical power.

A serious advantage for Apple glasses

Numerous leaks indicate that the iPhone maker is working on a pair of augmented reality glasses. These would allow the wearer to do almost anything they now do with an iPhone, but via a heads-up display placed in front of their eyes. They would be worn everywhere, and the information would overlay the real world, not replace it.

Those who need corrective lenses should fit them into the Apple AR glasses, but not if the glasses could fit the wearer’s eyes.

Developing the technology to make all of this mainstream will take years. Apple’s augmented reality glasses aren’t due until 2025 and could take longer. A VR headset with AR capabilities is expected much sooner.

And the self-adjusting lenses might not happen. A patent filing is not an advertisement for a product. Apple engineers often patent designs that are never seen again.

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