ABB Optical Group becomes authorized distributor of EYERIS contact lenses

(PRESS RELEASE)CORAL SPRINGS, FL – ABB Optical Group, America’s leading independent eye care company, announced that it has become an authorized distributor of Eyeris contact lenses. ABB is able to offer this product to eye care providers as it is not available for patients to order through mass merchants and online retailers. Eyeris offers patients all the conveniences of online providers, but all online revenue is still earned by the prescribing physician who initiated the prescription.

Eyeris currently offers a daily disposable soft contact lens with an RX range of +6.00 to -13.00 (1/4 diopter step of -4.75 to -7.50) that is known for its comfort while throughout the day. The lenses are 59% water, allowing them to bend and adapt to the shape of each patient’s eyes and stay soft all day thanks to a unique blend of time-release emollients. This lens material has the lowest stiffness index of any lens material on the market and uses advanced cross-linking procedures to ensure consistent power throughout the optical area. Designed by Dr. Lynn Winterton, widely known as the designer of the DT1 lens family.

“Eyeris is a unique daily disposable exclusively available to private and independent eyecare professionals,” added Aaron See, senior vice president of manufacturing partnerships. “We are thrilled that eye care providers can now order this value-added, income-protected product. We think patients will love it.

“We chose ABB Optical as a partner to introduce our product widely to the market because we recognize ABB’s position and the trust that independent ophthalmologists have in them. Eyeris provides an unparalleled business model to retain its patients’ hard-earned revenue. Eyeris is a company founded by ophthalmologists who all wanted to see a change in the way manufacturers viewed and respected the role and importance of the physician,” said Andy Barrow, CEO of Eyeris. “We put patient eye health first and are excited that more doctors and patients can benefit from the Eyeris experience.”

ABB also supports Eyeris’ love and care for our planet. At Eyeris, they use plastic from their own used lens molds to make their eye-shaped trial lens cases that double as lifetime travel cases. Their daily contacts use less plastic combined than 2 bottles of monthly and bi-weekly saline lens solution. Eyeris uses all of its recycled materials within a 108-mile radius of its origin, reducing the amount of fossil fuel needed to get those materials to their next destination.

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